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34th IASP World Conference on Science Parks & Areas of Innovation

The Future of Consumer Experience in STPs - Spaces to Interact

2016_08_01_IASP 2017 conference poster
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Conference Paper
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  1. Authors
    Luis Felipe Maldaner
  2. Co-authors
    Flavia Siqueira Fiorin ,
    Luísa Simon,
  3. Publisher
  4. Publication date
    September 2017
  5. Place of publication
  6. Number of pages
One of the most important value assigned to an innovation environmental is the dynamic of thenetwork and its interaction. Concerned about that, Tecnosinos’ startups were invited to evaluate and discuss the interaction and communication of the ecosystem in a Design Thinking workshop. The workshop feedback was crucial for Tecnosinos review its strategy and investments and immediately work on the needs appointed. After the event a group actions were address considering three main approaches: communication efforts, event promotion and physical structure. Through a survey toevaluate these approaches, the startups were questioned about the expectation that entrepreneur shad before entering the Park and the experiences they had after joining the Park. As a results, the Parks have the opportunity to play the role of involving and moving the actors to a qualified interaction through its network. Tecnosinos is building together with the startups and other actors ofthe ecosystem.
  1. Conference name
    34th IASP World Conference on Science Parks & Areas of Innovation
  2. Conference theme
    Science Parks and Natural Innovation ecosystems: articulating future strategies
  3. Location
    Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Conference start date
    26 September 2017
  5. Conference end date
    29 September 2017

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