tecniA Parque Tecnológico y de Innovación

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Background information

The TecniA Parque Tecnológico y de Innovación is a Research and Technology park located in Yucatán Mexico. TecniA is where companies, scientific bodies, public administration and people will be linked to facilitate the creation of high-level technological platforms that favor targeted research and technological innovation activities of companies. Through the implementation of the TecniA Park in the southeast, creativity and problem solving is being addressed in a different way in the region. They aim to be the point of reference for the creation of new companies with products and services that trigger economic development.

Construction of the TecniA Parque Tecnológico y de Innovación began in June 2012, and this confirmed their commitment to being one of the important agents of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and staking a claim to being a point of reference in the cohort of knowledge and innovation. TecniA Technological Innovation Park has the most avant-garde facilities with network architecture, access to meeting rooms, rest areas and surveillance 24 hours a day every day. Among others, they provide business spaces, research laboratories, coworking rooms alongside everything necessary for your company, business and ideas to develop successfully.

  1. Name
    tecniA Parque Tecnológico y de Innovación
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    Merida, Mexico
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    Advanced Services in Technology Transfer
    ICT & Communications
    Sport, Tourism, Entertaiment
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    Science Park
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