Parque Científico e Tecnológico da Unicamp

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Unicamp Science and Technology Park was founded in 2008 in Campinas, Sao Paulo (Brazil). Located in the Unicamp University campus, the park’s environment has been designed to allow students and research to collaborate with incubated companies, startups, and R&D labs.

Built through a strategic partnership between the State University of Campinas Unicamp and INOVA, the university’s innovation agency, the park concentrates on connecting this large network of talents in order to create a link between the academic environment and the market, that can be used in new business and the creation of a local knowledge-based economy.

Unicamp Science and Technology Park currently has 32 resident companies, has created over 700 direct and indirect jobs, and has received total investments of 11 million R$ to continue incubating local talent.

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  1. Name
    Parque Científico e Tecnológico da Unicamp
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    Campinas, Brazil
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    ICT & Communications
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    Science Park
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