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33rd IASP World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation

STP and Collective Thinking in health

Document type:
Conference Paper
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  1. Authors
    Mrs. Külle Tärnov
  2. Publisher
  3. Publication date
    September 2016
  4. Place of publication
    Moscow, Russia
  5. Number of pages
Collective thinking and collective intelligence are certainly core aims of a STP to boost international growth of its companies and science-business collaboration. Tallinn Sci­ence Park Tehnopol in Estonia has chosen health as one of its three focus areas. We have clearly acknowledged that it cannot be done just serving our tenant clients and just do­ing events for them. Therefore we have initiated a Connected Health Cluster that brings together all relevant partiers from whole Estonia. This is a relevant method to create collective thinking and intelligence among the cluster partners, raise their satisfaction and success and through it connect them into STP community and also attract companies to stay at STP or become STP tenants. The paper describes a set of different collective thinking techniques we have used. Cluster works well to promote STP activities upwards to the city and state and also get international acknowledgement.
  1. Conference name
    33rd IASP World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation
  2. Conference theme
    The Global Mind linking innovation communities for internationalisation, sustainability and growth
  3. Location
    Moscow, Russia
  4. Conference start date
    19 September 2016
  5. Conference end date
    22 September 2016

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