Empowerment through knowledge: International Women’s Day and 'Invisible Participation'

08 March 2024
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Book release

This International Women's Day, Linköping Science Park, in partnership with Företagarna, the Swedish organisation for SMEs, introduces "Invisible Participation," a publication that explores previously uncharted aspects of entrepreneurship and gender equality.

The book draws from "The Silent Voices of Entrepreneurship," a thesis by Matilda Eriksson, former project manager at Västerås Science Park. Authored by Joakim Hedström, it highlights the often-overlooked roles individuals play in the realms of entrepreneurship and gender equality.

Eriksson's research delves into policy documents and personal narratives from women affiliated with entrepreneurs, providing the foundation for the book's insights. It uncovers significant, albeit frequently ignored, contributions to entrepreneurship, challenging readers to rethink the essence of equality in this sphere.

For members of the International Association of Science Parks (IASP) and managers of science parks and innovation districts, "Invisible Participation" offers new insights into creating inclusive environments and nurturing diverse entrepreneurial ecosystems.

As we commemorate International Women's Day, "Invisible Participation" invites us to examine the subtleties of entrepreneurship and gender equality more closely. It serves as a valuable tool for those within the IASP community who are eager to confront the complexities of these issues and refine their approach to fostering innovation and inclusivity.

More information about the book, available for free download in both Swedish and English, can be found here.

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