Informative note: submission system opening next week

29 February 2024
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Paper submission system opens on Monday 4th March

We know you have all been waiting for this moment to arrive, and we’re happy to announce that after a technical issue that led to a postponement in our original timeline, the paper submission system will be up and running from Monday onwards!

Do you have your papers ready? Time to brush them off and submit!

We’re looking forward to receiving your input on one of the key topics related to the theme “Demographics, entrepreneurship and technology: Defining the frontiers of future economics”. We'll examine how science parks and spaces of innovation empower regions like Africa and Asia leveraging their youthful populations, entrepreneurship, and technology for economic growth. Additionally, we'll address global challenges stemming from aging populations, emphasizing the need for international collaboration to ensure a robust talent pool, innovation, and technology foundation for sustaining the global economy.

Were you not aware that our Call for Contributions was open? Well, this is your lucky day! This little bit of extra time plays in your favour as you can use it to prepare a proposal and send it over for a chance to get a speaking slot on one of these key topics:

  • Youth entrepreneurship ecosystems
  • Sustainable innovation for ageing populations
  • Digital transformation in education
  • Distributed global manufacturing and shared value creation
  • Innovation in emerging markets
  • Future of work and talent development
  • Ethical considerations in innovation
  • Inclusive innovation for underserved populations
  • Circular economy and sustainability
  • Disparity in demographics
  • Food tech and climate change
  • STPs & AOIs as drivers of future economies
  • The fintech sector and emerging funding models
  • The role of communication and evidence-based decision making
  • Emerging tech and AI

The conference Steering Committee will carefully review all the proposals and select the best ones to craft an exceptional conference programme for our delegates joining #IASPnairobi.

***The submission link will be activated during the day on Monday, on the conference website at www.iaspworldconference.com and included here as soon as available.*** 

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