New member from Italy joins IASP

07 October 2019
First image:
A view of the OpenZone campus

IASP is pleased to announce that OpenZone (Milan, Italy) is now a member of IASP!

OpenZone is a scientific campus on the outskirts of Milan dedicated to the health sector. Conceived to build bridges between different competencies, languages and worlds, today the campus is home to 26 companies employing 600 people, including some of the foremost biotechnology, pharmaceutical and advanced gene therapy companies, all with a strong focus on innovation.

OpenZone is the embodiment of a place where innovation happens, a place for the exchange of knowledge about research and enterprise. The campus is funded entirely by private capital and founded on an approach geared towards open innovation.

Today, OpenZone has 15,500 sqm of office space and 7,500 sqm of laboratories. Work is underway to expand the campus, which thanks to a total investment of around 60 million euros, will double in size by 2021.

Current facilities include a library focusing on mathematics, physics, the natural and biological sciences, medicine and pharmacology, designed to promote and disseminate the culture of science throughout OpenZone and to its outside guests; and the Oxy.gen, a futuristic construction in the shape of an air bubble that seems to float on an artificial lake where students, researchers, members of the public and families can explore the health-related aspects of respiration.

For more information, please visit www.openzone.it/en.   

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