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Tus-Harvest Biotech
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By Tus-Harvest Biotech located in Tsinghua University Science Park - TusPark (China)
Sector: Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biotech

Kills effectively a variety of pathogenic bacteria and some viruses.

Long text:
The CHINGU advocates the use of biotechnology to extract the essence of nature, giving the gift of nature to consumers, and providing solutions for modern life with the safest, green, and skin-friendly formulations. Two products use the active peptideof Eucalyptus globulus extract, which is newly developed by Tus-harvest. It can safelyand effectively inhibit microbial pollution in home environment and living scene. The products are divided into hand spray and antiseptic spray (both have effective antiseptic performance). The product share features below:
Efficient sterilization:
Effectively kill a variety of pathogenic bacteria and some viruses.
Safe & natural:
Pure natural eucalyptus globulus extract antibacterial ingredients with strong antiseptic performance, replacing traditional alcohol and chloride bactericide, and have good skin care and moisturizing effect
Portable & convenient:
20mL and 50mL spray design can carry on the plane. Use for anytime and any scenarios.
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