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A Taxonomy of Organised Innovation Spaces

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  1. Authors
    Jacques Van Dinteren
    Luis Sanz
    Magnus Klofsten
    Paul Jansen
  2. Publisher
    Publications Office of the European Union
  3. Publication date
    October 2023
  4. Number of pages
Innovation plays a crucial role in the economic growth of territories, and innovation entities and intermediary actors are key in facilitating this process. These entities, which we call Organised Innovation Spaces (OISs), bring together businesses, entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, users, and institutions to foster knowledge transfer, collaborative innovation, and co-creation. OISs provide not only physical spaces for research and development but also a wide range of services, networking opportunities, access to specialized knowledge and support, and access to finance. By identifying and describing the characteristics of OISs with regard to their location, organisation and management set-up, and target users and services, this study aims at helping practitioners, investors, and stakeholders better understand the opportunities they provide. A clearer and common terminology can also assists policymakers in aligning relevant policies and initiatives targeting innovation ecosystems. This study builds upon previous JRC research on sustainable Science and Technology Parks and Innovation Districts, extending its scope to more flexible models such as Areas of Innovation and Living Labs. Overall, this study contributes to the development and sustainability of innovation ecosystems and supports the EU's commitment to innovation for knowledge-driven economic growth, job creation, and social development.
Sanz, L., Klofsten, M., Van Dinteren, J. and Jansen, P., A Taxonomy of Organised Innovation Spaces, Battiston, A. and Fazio, A. editor(s), Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2023, doi:10.2760/628200, JRC134965.