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Supporting Digital Deep-Tech Startups by Scale-Up Champions Paneuropean Accelerator

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Conference Paper
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  1. Authors
    Carmen Adan
  2. Publisher
  3. Publication date
    September 2022
  4. Place of publication
    Seville, Spain
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Companies that are committed to sustainability and digitization are more likely to lead the transformation of the European economy towards a greener future, following the Green Deal Strategy. What is more, deep-tech companies could be the catalyst for digital and sustainable transition. Providing the support to deep-tech startups and boosting their scalability can be a tool that contributes to improving competitiveness and ensuring a sustainable and digital Europe. Having the above five leading science parks from Poland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and Spain joined forces to implement the Scale-up Champions Programme. Designed to unlock the full potential of European deep-tech startups’ by connecting them with mentors, investors and corporates across Europe, Scale-up Champions is bridging the gap between different European startup ecosystems. Leveraging the strengths of each one and applying a holistic knowledgesharing approach it is stimulating European investments in deep-tech digital sectors, boosting economic development, and, ultimately, bringing Europe to the forefront of innovation.
  1. Location
    Seville, Spain