Pachuca Ciudad del Conocimiento y la Cultura

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Pachuca Ciudad del Conocimiento y la Cultura is a technopole located in Hidalgo, Mexico. The technopole aims to link universities and higher education institutions with firms as well as research, development and innovation (R + D + i) centers that have a strong focus on science and technology. The technopole is located in an industrial estate in the west of ​​Pachuca and is spread over 175 hectares. Pachuca Ciudad del Conocimiento y la Cultura infrastructure boasts excellent infrastructure, with over 3km of roads linking it to nearby locations alongside three lanes for vehicles, cycle tracks and urban infrastructure.

The PCCC aims to build a society based on knowledge, culture and innovation that contributes to increasing the competitiveness, productivity and social welfare of the state of Hidalgo and the surrounding region. Furthermore, they contribute to the consolidation of Pachuca as a City of Knowledge and Culture, through the necessary equipment for the generation and strengthening of scientific knowledge and technological development aligned with the vocations of the region, as well as promoting culture and the arts in an environment of sustainability. 

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  1. Name
    Pachuca Ciudad del Conocimiento y la Cultura
  2. Location
    Municipio de San Agustín Tlaxiaca, Mexico
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  3. Main technology sectors
    Mechanical Engineering
    New Materials
    Textiles and Fibers
    Transportation logistics
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    Area of Innovation
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