Qingyuan Tian An Smart City

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Background information

Qingyuan Tianan Smart City Co., Ltd. was launched in 2017, with the mission of building an innovation ecosystem in southern China.

It is currently home to 65 hi-tech companies, and operates a business incubator for science and technology-based companies. It also has close links with Jinan University, Sun Yat-Sen University, and the Guangdong Juhang New Material Research Institute.

Qingyuan Tianan Smart City Co., Ltd. is working to become a national demonstration base of emerging industries, with its main sectors being New Materials, Manufacturing and Automation Tech, Pharmaceuticals and Computer Science and Hardware.

2017_07_26_China_Qingyuan Tian An Smart City Co. Ltd
  1. Name
    Qingyuan Tian An Smart City
  2. Location
    Qingyuan City, China
  1. Website
  2. Main technology sectors
    New Materials
    Other Manufacturing and Automation Tech
  3. Type
    Science Park
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