Zhengzhou Hangmei International Smart Town

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Background information

Zhengzhou’s International Smart Town was developed by Xinchuang Technology, which is a technology city operator invested by Xinyuan Group. Xinchuang Technology provides integrated services for science and technology cities. These include planning, investment, construction and operation. The organisation has extensive expertise in industrial research, planning, and investment, to create an innovative city to power sustainable development in Zhengzhou.

Zhengzhou Hangmei International Smart Town focuses on cutting-edge industries such as AI and ICT, and its tenants include Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Oracle, and Lenovo. The town has constructed an ecosystem with leading technology, and is committed to becoming a new model for innovation and entrepreneurship in Central China and a new engine for Zhengzhou's economic development.

2008_04_23_China_Zhengzhou Hangmei International Smart Town
  1. Name
    Zhengzhou Hangmei International Smart Town
  2. Location
    Beijing, China
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  2. Main technology sectors
    Artificial Intelligence Softwares
    Computer Science and Hardwares
  3. Type
    Science Park
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