Technopark NURIS Cluster

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Background information

Technopark NURIS Cluster is an innovative platform that brings together scientists, young entrepreneurs, business, leading experts and investors in order to commercialize the results of innovation activities, as well as ensure returns on investment. Launched in 2017, it occupies a special economic zone across three sites in Nur-Sultan, one of which is co-located with the Nazarbayev University.

Focusing on Energy and Energy Efficiency, Information and Communication Technologies, Medicine, Biotechnology and Biomedicine, New Materials, Design and Production and Robotics, it forms an ecosystem of scientists and experts, entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and technical specialists.

The Technopark offers infrastructure including a machine shop, FabLab, a digital creativity lab and biotech lab, as well as office space and shared laboratories. It also offers a business incubator for early stage startups and an acceleration programme to support growing companies and help them find investors. The park hosts regular national and international events, including hackathons.

Energy efficiency is a key sector at Technopark NURIS Cluster, and the park is home to the Shell Yurt climate laboratory, an energy-efficient building with the concept of carbon neutral house that uses alternative energy sources. The complex uses a geothermal heat pump, energy-efficient lighting, and ventilation with heat recovery as well as a system of automation and control of indoor air parameters, energy consumption and its optimization.

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    Technopark NURIS Cluster
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    Nur-Sultan, Qazaqstan
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    Civil Engineering
    Computer Science and Hardwares
    Industrial Design
    Space Technology
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    Science Park
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