ANPROTEC - Brazilian Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators

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Created in 1987, the Brazilian Association of Science Parks, Business Incubators and Accelerators (Anprotec) gathers more than 300 associates, including business incubators, technology parks, accelerators, coworking spaces, educational and research institutions, public agencies, and other entities linked to entrepreneurship and innovation activities. Leader of the innovation environments movement in Brazil, Anprotec promotes professional training, public policies articulation, corporate innovation programs, international cooperation initiatives, as well as generating and disseminating knowledge through studies and events.

Anprotec’s history is directly linked to the development of incubators and technology parks in Brazil, spreading the idea of ​​innovative entrepreneurship across the country, triggering the consolidation of one of the world's largest systems of technology parks and business incubators. Currently, Brazil has 369 business incubators, about 100 technology park initiatives and 57 accelerators, and Anprotec and its partners contribute to innovative entrepreneurship in a decisive way for the sustainable development of Brazil.

Anprotec acts as a National Network of Innovation Environments, working to transform Brazil into an entrepreneurial society by strengthening innovation ecosystems that promote social, environmental and economic development.

It influences the formulation of public policies and strategies related to ​​innovative entrepreneurship, supports associated ecosystems and innovation mechanisms through access to relevant knowledge, international cooperation, integrated projects, encouragement and support for regional networks, recognition and dissemination of best practices, participation in qualified fora and technical missions. Anprotec also enhances the qualification of ecosystem management and associated innovation mechanisms through its seminars, courses, technical missions and workshops.

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    ANPROTEC - Brazilian Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators
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    Brasilia, Brazil
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