IASP International Board meets in Malaga

19 February 2019
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The IASP board of directors

The IASP International Board of Directors met in Malaga (Spain) on the 14th – 15th February 2019, to discuss the association’s strategy under International President Paul Krutko (Ann Arbor SPARK, USA).

The International Board is made up of 20 members from 15 countries across 5 different continents: Botswana, China, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Iran, Morocco, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Uruguay, and the USA. Experts in science parks and areas of innovation with years of executive management experience, they met at IASP Headquarters in Malaga, Spain, for a two-day Board meeting to discuss progress towards our 2020 strategic direction and to outline the path for IASP to follow over the years to come.

IASP President Paul Krutko said:

“IASP is located at an important nexus of global innovation and prosperity.  Our members, areas of innovation and science parks, impact affirmatively through the thousands of companies and research institutions found within their boundaries the sustainability and economic vitality of the regions they are located within. This is complex and important work. Our association's value proposition is that by identifying, developing and sharing knowledge about the best practices of areas of innovation and science parks, communities and their citizens all over the world can benefit. Our members are able through their participation in the IASP global network to learn and make connections that they could not do in any other way.”

As well as future strategy, the board also discussed ongoing collaboration with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre: IASP recently signed an MOU on promoting tech transfer, and updated the Board on an upcoming project to evaluate Public-Private partnerships (PPPs) in science parks. The board also discussed the 2021 World Conference, when members will have the opportunity to meet in Santa Clara, at the heart of Silicon Valley, a unique chance for science parks and areas of innovation to network and build relationships in one of the world’s most emblematic and most successful innovation ecosystems. 

Find out more about our Board members at www.iasp.ws/about-us/board-of-directors

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