Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change

Fight Climate Change
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The main goal of the project is to produce a set of empowering tools to contribute to the fight against climate change through collective innovation and efforts. The specific objectives are:

1. Educate educators on the topic of climate change and the UN SDGs and equip them with interactive training instrument to embed within their trainings.

2. Upskill entrepreneurs and SMEs owners/ managers on how to use the innovation management process in developing their sustainability strategies to contribute to the fight against climate change.

3. Guide entrepreneurs and SMEs owners/ managers on becoming agents of change for their colleagues/ employees and transforming their business culture and values to eco ones.

4. Provide a user-friendly digital platform to educators, entrepreneurs, SMEs and individuals to measure their carbon footprint and provide valuable tips on how to help reduce the negative impact on the environment and support the fight against climate change.

Project Partners

EPN Consulting Limited, UK

CEED - Centre for Entrepreneurship  and Executive Development, Bulgaria

CreaD - Creative Districts, Belgium

IASP, International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation

IDEC, Greece

KISMC -The Knowledge, Innovation and Strategies Club. Bulgaria

WIF, Worldview Impact Foundation, UK



Collective Innovation to Fight Climate Change was born with a clear aim and a vision to fight climate change through education, collective innovation, and cooperative efforts. Instructing and guiding individuals, educators, entrepreneurs, employees, employers, SMEs, and organisations altogether.

Over the lifetime of our project, we have completed multiple initiatives, projects, meetings, and activities. We designed and developed four outputs, all with a practical outlook, aimed at informing and educating people on the importance of fighting climate change and the actions that can be taken. We prepared and shared two surveys, to provide an overview of current practises adopted by SMEs and entrepreneurs to involve their employees in ‘green behaviour within the enterprise and a ‘Green Transition Survey’ that presents the readiness, commitment, and needs to do business or implement projects in the fields of fighting climate change, the green transition, and the circular economy.

We held two training courses aimed at educating businesses, individuals, and educators themselves on actions to fight against climate change in Brussels and Sofia, and to culminate all of these activities, we organised an international conference, Racing to Net Zero, in London, bringing together key climate and sustainability experts.

Main project outputs

IO1 - Climate Change & Sustainable You Handbook (CU Handbook)

“Climate Change & Sustainable You Handbook” (CU Handbook) for educators on understanding Climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as equipping them with interactive training instruments to embed when delivering trainings on those topics. This Handbook will assist them with various components on climate change & SDGs which they can pick and choose to add to their training, coaching, teaching, mentoring delivery to transfer this knowledge to organisations they are working with.

IO2 - Innovating for Climate Change & Sustainability Toolkit (IC Sustainability Toolkit)

 “Innovating for Climate Change & Sustainability Toolkit” (IC Sustainability Toolkit) for entrepreneurs and SMEs (Owners and/or Managers) on using innovation management to allow them to respond to external or internal opportunities and integrate creativity to introduce new ideas, processes or products. In our case the effects of climate change on the business and how to adapt to it, how businesses affect climate change and how to reduce this negative impact on the environment.

IO3 - Culture of Change & Change of Culture. Climate Change. (C Change)

 “Culture of Change. Climate Change.” is a guide for entrepreneurs and SMEs (owners & managers) to be the agents of change within their business in terms of climate change and contributing to reducing the negative impact on the environment through transforming their organisation’s culture to inspire and empower colleagues/ employees to embrace eco-behaviour in the workplace, and promoting green practices. 

IO4 - Fight Climate Change Platform (Change Platform)

User-friendly digital tool for measuring businesses and individuals’ carbon footprint, accompanied by tips, suggestions on how to improve it, including benchmarking against those who have completed this via the platform.

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    01 January 2021
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    30 June 2023
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