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Sharing best practices, learning from each other


The high quality of our members provides our most important asset: knowledge. Knowledge about creating and managing incubators, science parks and areas of innovation; about technology transfer, innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development. We create and maintain the channels to share and circulate best practice among our members, ensuring they are always fully informed of the latest industry developments.


Experts from our network deliver short online seminars where you can learn from international best practices without leaving your desk, with presentations and videos available to download and watch offline. Keep an eye on our Events page for upcoming sessions. 


A varied collection of books, conference proceedings, papers and articles on STPs and AOIs enable members to compare models and trends throughout the world. Using these resources, members benefit from a wide knowledge base to inform their day-to-day work and continually improve standards.


IASP produces and shares statistics about the STP industry worldwide, and conducts flash surveys on specific issues of interest for our members. The information generated within our network is placed at the hands of our members, keeping them up-to-date with all the most recent developments.

For more information see our Knowledge Room or for any specific requests, contact IASP Headquarters directly at iasp@iasp.ws.

Inspiring Solutions

Consult our library of recent best practice shared by science parks and areas of innovation worldwide at www.iaspinspiringsolutions.com.


The place to go for recent developments and new initiatives in science parks and areas of innovation, with a focus on IASP members. See more here: News