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By URBAN EXPRESS located in ()
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In this period of disruptions in the supply chain due to the pandemic, order and address information will be transferred to our system with a software plug-in that we will place on the websites of national e-commerce sites and manufacturer brands. Our couriers will take these products from the relevant store / warehouse and deliver them to the consumers on the same day.

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Due to the pandemic, the rapid increase of online shopping and the intense interest of businesses in online shopping systems also led to the interruption of in-city delivery operations, which currently do not have an efficient solution. Consumers do not have shopping options outside of a few national e-commerce sites, and orders placed there reach their homes days later. Cargo companies are also experiencing great intensity and cannot meet the needs. Our aim with this project; With the plug-ins of business and delivery personnel that we will add to the logistics decision support system software developed with our Project in a short time, it is to carry out in-city delivery operations efficiently and with minimum cost. With the algorithm and delivery model we have developed, we will accelerate the product flow between businesses and consumers by providing same-day delivery services to national e-commerce sites and local businesses.
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