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RECORDING - IASP WEBINAR "The Chinese STP experience"

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    Herbert Chen
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    September 2019
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In this webinar, IASP Vice President Herbert Chen explores the overall status of current Chinese science parks industry and how it contributes to the Chinese economy with a brief history and overview of current data, as well as taking a more detailed look at Tsinghua University Science Park, the largest university science park in the world.

About the speaker

Herbert Chen (China), is IASP Vice President, as well as COO of Tusholdings (TusPark); Vice Dean of TusPark Research Institute for Innovation, and Director of the IASP China Office.

Herbert Chen joined the management team of Tsinghua University Science Park (TusPark) in 2001, where he is responsible international affairs, setting up relationships and commercial cooperation with many partners around the world. He was also responsible for setting up and operating the TusPark’s comprehensive value-added services and incubation system.

Thanks to the efforts of Herbert and the management team, TusPark is one of the best-known university science park in our global industry today. It boasts more than 6000 international and local startup tech companies living and working in Beijing, as well as more than 200 subsidiary parks all over China and overseas.