Universidad de Málaga

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The University of Malaga (UMA) is a public institution established in 1972 with the intention of improving education in the region. From their site in the South of Europe, they have a highly qualified teaching and research staff and the ideal cultural environment to make anyone’s academic life more comfortable and fruitful. They have had made a firm commitment to quality in teaching, research and student service.  This well-known institution has numerous innovation partnerships not only with local but also with national and international associations. These associations have established this university as one the most important technological hubs of Spain. 

More than forty thousand students trust them to help them become the professionals demanded by 21st century society. At the University of Malaga, we not only teach people to learn, we also teach them to undertake. Moreover, the UMA has 278 research groups, which are involved in 80 national projects and 30 European and International projects.

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    Universidad de Málaga
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    Campanillas, Spain
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    University / Higher Education Institution
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