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MSU Science Park is considered the oldest of the operating technoparks in Russia, with a management company was established in 1992 and first buildings put into operation in 1994.

MSU Science Park provides office and laboratory premises in the centre of Moscow in the close vicinity to the best university in Russia. The science park is located on the site of the Lomonosov Moscow State University campus, next to the Botanical Gardens, and is home to 120 innovative companies in the IT, industrial engineering, medical devices and oil & gas services sectors.

Proximity to the university offers a critical competitive advantage to companies, allowing residents to undertake joint studies with MSU laboratories and hire university graduates. A number of centres for collective use equipped with state-of-the-art equipment are operating at MSU, including centres for preclinical trials, nano-materials, and materials testing.

The park management team has direct contacts with VC funds, Russian development institutes, scientific research centres and large technology companies in Russia, while business networks help resident companies to find potential partners and clients, and maintain good relationships with venture investors in USA, Europe and Asia.

MSU Science Park provides professional services in such areas as market research, tech project expert reviews, investment deal structuring, fundraising, business assessment, recruitment, intellectual property protection and implementation of educational programmes. The park also has a dedicated soft landing programme for international high-tech companies.

The park’s mission is to stimulate innovation within the university with activities designed to bring about structural changes in Moscow’s economy. It aims to create an environment in which the scientific potential and innovative capacity of research scientists, post-graduate and undergraduate students can thrive and prosper.

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    MSU Science Park
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    Moscow, Russia
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    Chemistry and Chemicals
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    Science Park
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