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Lena  Miranda
CEO - Linköping Science Park
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Lena  Miranda
CEO - Linköping Science Park
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Tech with a purpose in Linköping
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The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are at the top of the agenda for many big corporations and multinationals.

In order to stay competitive, to attract and retain customers as well as employees, you need to have a clear message about how you contribute to society. What solutions are you offering to make the world more sustainable? Is this part of your corporate DNA – and if not, how will you get there?

We will have the opportunity to discuss how to form new alliances to better contribute to global challenges, at our European Division workshop in Linköping, Sweden. What is on the corporates’ agenda? On the startups’ agenda? In times when technology is evolving exponentially, how do we ensure that we stay on the right track – that we are actually using technology for the good of our future societies? And how can strong innovation ecosystems support this development?

Speakers at the workshop will share their different perspectives on how science parks and other innovation ecosystems can support entrepreneurs to solve some of humanity's greatest and most profound challenges within our lifetime: delegates will hear views from both ministerial level, senior officials and exciting local startups.

The workshop will invite debate on how science parks can form new alliances and find new ways of working to stay relevant for our customers and our stakeholders. Join us there to discuss the role that academia, incubators, institutes, science parks and clusters play to support the societal transformation that we are facing.

The European Division workshop takes place from 28-30 April in Linköping, Sweden, hosted by Science Park Mjärdevi. You can find out more and book your place at https://mjardevi.se/event/iasp-european-division-workshop-2019/.


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