Around the world with IASP regional events in 2023

29 November 2022
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Reykjavik, Iceland

As well as our world conferences, IASP also holds regional events throughout the year. While the global event is a unique opportunity to meet and learn from best practices worldwide, regional workshops allow us to focus on the key issues that are most relevant in different parts of the world.

We have a busy schedule of regional events lined up for 2023, taking us all around the world from Mexico to Iceland to South Korea!

First up is the IASP Latin America and North America division joint event in Monterrey, Mexico, from April 19-21, hosted and organised by PIIT Monterrey. Under the theme "Getting to the next level: STPs & AOIs as economic drivers in their communities", it will explore the strategies that different ecosystems deploy to boost their communities. Speakers will share their experiences on important topics such as collaboration beyond borders, multi-stakeholder engagement, energising places and strategies for growth including soft-landing, retaining local talent, and helping startups turn into scaleups. 

It will be followed by a European Division workshop in Reykjavik, Iceland, on 3-5 May, and discussions will focus on the idea of Innovation 360º. Hosted by the University of Iceland Science Park, the conference takes place in Gróska Creative Community in Reykjavík. Located in the heart of Reykjavík between universities and the national hospital, it is a connected and diverse business and research environment, where a startup mentality is constantly cultivated. While Reykjavík is proudly one of the world's smallest capitals, it possesses one of the most innovative, flexible, and creative workforces you can find.

And to round up the year, we’ll also have an IASP Asia Pacific Division event in Daedeok, South Korea in November (exact dates to be confirmed). This will coincide with the 50th anniversary celebrations of our host, the Korea Innovation Foundation INNPOLIS, which began life in 1973 as the Daedeok Research Complex, a home for government-funded research institutes and universities. Science and technology R&D in Daedeok is credited as the key driving force for South Korea’s remarkable economic development, and the workshop will be a valuable opportunity to learn more about the INNOPOLIS innovation model.

Keep an eye on the IASP events page for updates! 

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