Hungary's innovation agency and IASP sign collaboration agreement

10 May 2024
First image:
IASP VP Salvatore Majorana with NIA's László Bódis in Budapest, Hungary.

The National Innovation Agency of Hungary and IASP have signed a memorandum of understanding, signifying a commitment to enhance the coordination within Hungary's technology and innovation sectors and align them more closely with international standards and networks.

The ceremony in Budapest was attended by key figures in Hungary's innovation ecosystem, including László Bódis, Deputy State Secretary responsible for innovation under the Cultural and Innovation Ministry and Réka Barabás, Director, National Innovation Agency (NIA).

Representing IASP, Vice President Salvatore Majorana was present to endorse the agreement, highlighting the global network's support for Hungary's growing innovation sector.

The NIA, which officially commenced operations in January 2024, is tasked with coordinating science parks and tech transfer companies across Hungary. The NIA plays a crucial role in supporting the creation and policymaking for new parks.

The agreement focuses on cooperation to enhance Hungary's science parks by integrating them into the global innovation community, fostering knowledge exchange, and developing new entrepreneurial initiatives.

The NIA’s activities  are expected to catalyse the development of new policies and potentially channel funding towards the enhancement of Hungary's science and technology parks, making them more competitive and innovative on a global scale.

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