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Neosperience Spa
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By Neosperience Spa located in Point Science Park (Bergamo Sviluppo) (Italy)
Sector: IT solutions (software/apps/platforms)

Specialized Neural Networks to recognize patterns within images and data correlation models. Comprehensive datasets from diagnostic systems useful for training machine learning models. Initial results: first delivered Pytorch solution for predictions on X-ray images of COVID-19 patients.

Long text:
An integrated online service for automatic and instantaneous analysis of diagnostic images from RX and ultrasound imaging systems, that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning and data correlation models built with data collected anonymously, in compliance with privacy legislation
A set of readily available neural networks specialized in identifying specific patterns within images and data correlation models can be used to support screening and, subsequently, to make the evaluation of therapies more robust in relation to the data collected, thus improving the prognosis
The first application of image analysis models relates to pulmonary radiographs and ultrasounds of patients suffering from COVID-19 pneumonia. Through the construction of a dataset of images obtained by X-ray and ultrasound imaging and related to the diagnosis, a model was trained aimed at recognizing pathological situations of serious pneumonia. Furthermore, during the course of the disease for hospitalized patients, the use of this analysis model allows constant monitoring even in conditions of reduced availability of staff, offering invaluable feedback to support diagnostic activity.

An online video conferencing service dedicated to collaborative remote screening and diagnosis: consistent high-quality video and audio conferencing is in the works, for telehealth visits and AI-assisted doctors’ consultation to support the COVID-19 prognosis.
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