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34th IASP World Conference on Science Parks & Areas of Innovation

Innovation Ecosystems: a new way for a future education

2016_08_01_IASP 2017 conference poster
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Conference Paper
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  1. Authors
    Eduardo Giugliani
  2. Co-authors
    Gabriela Cardozo Ferreira,
    Jorge L. N. Audy,
    Mauricio Gregian in Testa,
    Naira Libermann,
    Rafael Prikladnicki,
  3. Publisher
  4. Publication date
    September 2017
  5. Place of publication
    Istanbul, Turkey
  6. Number of pages
The  search  for  concepts  that  best  define  the  moment  of today’s  society  is a permanent object  of  study,  where  knowledge  presents  itself  as  the  main  factor  for  productivity.  Thinkers, educators and researchers address the theme at different levels; the present world is complex and is a focal point for the convergence  of these different  levels of knowledge.  The so‐called  Knowledge Society requires having a systemic  vision, an organic growth and continuous  adaptation,  aiming at the sustainability of its actions. Education is no exception to this new context, as it demands keeping an eye on the future. The acceptance of its relevance to this new society is fundamental as a vector of new trends and advances.The Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), seeking to better understand the moment in which we live, has been implementing  pioneering and innovative actions, with focus on research,  innovation  and development,  having as its main vector the Scientific  and Technology Park (TECNOPUC).Founded  in 1948, PUCRS  is one of the great and renowned  Brazilian  Universities.  In 2003, PUCRS pioneered the implementation  of TECNOPUC, its Science and Technology Park, an integrated action with government and companies, presenting the Triple Helix as a basic concept. The purpose was to create  a new community,  "transdisciplinary,  aiming  to increase  the competitiveness  of its actors, to improve the quality of life of their communities and to make available for society the university's academic competence". Analyzing its present context, one can claim that the proposal surpassed all the initial goals and above all, was able to induce the University to deep and fruitful changes.
  1. Conference name
    34th IASP World Conference on Science Parks & Areas of Innovation
  2. Conference theme
    Science Parks and Natural Innovation ecosystems: articulating future strategies
  3. Location
    Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Conference start date
    26 September 2017
  5. Conference end date
    29 September 2017