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34th IASP World Conference on Science Parks & Areas of Innovation

Shaping the Next Generation of STPs and AOIs

2016_08_01_IASP 2017 conference poster
Document type:
Conference Paper
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  1. Authors
    Jacques Barcia
  2. Co-authors
    Francisco Saboya,
    Guilherme Calheiros,
  3. Publisher
  4. Publication date
    September 2017
  5. Place of publication
    Istanbul, Turkey
  6. Number of pages
The accelerated pace of technological evolution, along with new business models,new governance propositions and cultures will shape a next generation of tech businesses that challenge virtually all our assumptions about how to promote innovationenvironments. Science and technology parks (STPs) have been used as the main strategy to make tech‐based companies thrive in competitive ecosystems. Though STPs are just now transitioning from a third generation model (3GSP), or even a fourth generation model(4GSP), emerging issues indicate that alternative futures challenging the futures of the latter model are already on course. This paper is a preliminary study examining some of the weak signals shaping the next generation of STPs.
  1. Conference name
    34th IASP World Conference on Science Parks & Areas of Innovation
  2. Conference theme
    Science Parks and Natural Innovation ecosystems: articulating future strategies
  3. Location
    Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Conference start date
    26 September 2017
  5. Conference end date
    29 September 2017

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