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Ágora is a technology park located in Brazil’s Perini Business Park, and is one of the largest multi-sector business ventures in South America.

Agora’s goal is to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship by developing breakthrough technologies and disruptive business through its partners or own resources, as well as by providing and efficiently managing an innovation-friendly environment, contributing to Brazil's economic development.

Founded through a partnership between the private sector, academia and the government, Ágora Tech Park is a Scientific and Technological Institution (ICT), founded as a non-profit civil association by Perville Engenharia, a Perini Group, the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC) and the technology companies Conta Azul, Pollux and TiFlux.

The park is home to the Ágora HUB innovation center, part of the Santa Catarina State Innovation Center network, and was built to be an interactive, collaborative and sustainable environment, ideal for integrating innovation, entrepreneurship and technology ecosystem actors. The Agora has accelerators, coworking, incubators, startups, research centers, agencies, investors, technology and service companies.

Companies located in the park comprise the metal-mechanic, plastic, automotive, agribusiness, construction, electronic, electrical, chemical, logistics, metallurgical, financial, commercial and service sectors. And together they generate an annual wealth of R $ 5.1 billion, a figure that corresponds to 21% of Joinville's GDP and 2% of Santa Catarina state's GDP.

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