Parque Científico e Tecnológico da UnB

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Background information

Established in 2013, Parque Científico e Tecnológico da UnB (PCTec/UnB) spans 486,000 m², with a built area of 1,600 m². Created to foster new institutional relationships, PCTec/UnB bridges the University of Brasilia with the private sector, government, and broader society. Anchored by the university’s scientific and technological expertise, PCTec/UnB aims to be a catalyst for innovation across the Federal District.

The park is open to technology-based firms, graduates from local and national incubators, specialised laboratories, and technological research centres. Its focus areas encompass a broad spectrum of fields such as Information and Communication Technology (ICT), energy, environmental technology, educational technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, biomedical technology, and nanotechnology. Presently, PCTec/UnB hosts 12 established companies and supports four enterprises through its incubation program.

PCTec/UnB actively pursues new ventures and partnerships and regularly organises events designed to foster interactions among companies, government bodies, and the scientific community. These collective efforts bolster the so-called Triple Helix of Innovation model. Additionally, PCTec/UnB places a strong emphasis on addressing social demands, integrating various stakeholders into the innovation system, which enhances the Quadruple Helix framework.

  1. Name
    Parque Científico e Tecnológico da UnB
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    Brasilia, Brazil
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    Agriculture and Forestry
    Health & Pharmaceuticals
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    Science Park
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