iParque - Parque para a Inovação em Ciência, Tecnologia e Saúde, EM SA

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Coimbra iParque is a science and technology park that aims to establish cooperation networks between technological initiatives and businesses. With a focus on business units and R&DT entities, with a technological and innovative base and a strong export and international character, Coimbra iParque plays an important role in the region. Located in Coimbra, Portugal, this science park is placed in a scientific and innovative area due to numerous educational institutions, incubation initiatives and a wide range of R&D groups and centres. 

Coimbra iParque targets numerous technological innovation entities in order to installed in the park's plots of land. At the same time, they complement the existing infrastructure for business innovation in the city, aimed at the incubation (IPN-Incubator) and business acceleration (TecBIS) phases. 

Services provided by this science park are countless. Provision of office spaces, support services for the creation, development and internationalization of companies or a data centre can be found amongst it. All of these factors turn Coimbra iParque into one of the most dynamic regional innovation ecosystems in Portugal. 

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    iParque - Parque para a Inovação em Ciência, Tecnologia e Saúde, EM SA
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    Coimbra, Portugal
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    Science Park
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