Wroclawski Park Technologiczny

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Wrocławski Park Technologiczny (WPT) is a science and technology park in Wroclaw, Poland, that facilitates the contacts of enterprises with universities and laboratories, which facilitates the flow of knowledge between the sphere of science and economy, and creates a platform for mutual cooperation.

Founded in 1998 WPT offer consulting services and trainings for businesses involved in the technology, business and science sectors. In addition to this, WPT puts great emphasis on the R&D sector and constantly implement new tools to stimulate further resident development. At the moment, there are currently over 200 resident companies operating in the park, encompassing a variety of highly specialized technology sectors and WPT provides a workplace for over 1600 employees.

Wrocław Technology Park has a wide range of office, production and warehouse space for rent, as well as specialised laboratories and prototype workshops for chemistry and bioengineering, cryongenics and gas, optics, photonics and metrology, electronics and energetics, and an informatics laboratory for data digitization, transmission, storage and protection, and a modelling and collocation hosting centre. WPT also offers a complex of built-up and undeveloped industrial plots for sale.

The park is home to the NUTRIBIOMED Cluster, which creates connections between science and industry in order to speed up the transfer between the R&D sector and businesses, and to develop new specialized technologies. The activities carried out within the cluster can result in functional products ready to be sold on the market, as well as services and technologies, and new projects and startups.

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    Wroclawski Park Technologiczny
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    Wroclaw, Poland
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    Food Sciences
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    Science Park
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