EngageSales are using gamification to increase employee engagement and motivation

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Senol Efendi, the founder of EngageSales
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Karin Stigbahr, Communications Manager Ideon Science Park, talks to the founder of one of their resident companies about applying the fun of games to real-world activities.

Who are you?

My name is Senol Efendi and I am the founder of EngageSales.

What can you tell me about your service?

Businesses lose billions per year due to employee disengagement, which manifests itself in high employee turnover rates, poor productivity, low team morale, inconsistent performance, loss of focus and below average work. On the other hand sales employees feel they are not recognized and rewarded for their performance, there is no visibility and transparency in their efforts as well that short and long term business goals are not set properly.

Our platform enables companies to implement advanced gaming concepts in order to increase employee engagement and motivation.

EngageSales software provides the ability to take the fun and addicting elements of games and apply them to real-world activities. It also helps to reward and recognize employees for different activities or achievements using different methods.

What benefits would I get from using your product?

EngageSales is a global provider of sales performance management and gamification software helping companies with:

  • Competition – Raise the stakes by showing users how they compare to their peers in real time.
  • Collaboration – Create energy by connecting players to complete tasks and share their achievements.
  • Recognition – Recognize accomplishments and give the feeling that performance is noticed and appreciated.
  • Motivate – Provide the perfect encouragement your reps need by rewarding strength and providing constructive feedback.
  • Reward – Motivate players to catch up and outperform their peers by publicly rewarding performance.
  • Coach – Get your sales reps focused on the right KPI’s and open multiple communication channels for your teams.

At Ideon we encourage the "Ideon spirit", to help others in the park, what kind of support or help could you offer?

We can help with product trials and participate in conferences or seminars related to sales enablement, gamification and employee recognition.

Visit engagesales.com

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