36th IASP World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation

Conference theme
The 4th Industrial Revolution: AOIs and STPs as key boosters for a successful transition
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Atlanpole will host the 36th IASP Annual World Conference on Science Parks and Areas of Innovation froom 24-27 September 2019.

The conference will bring together experts from science and technology parks and other areas of innovation, technology-based incubators, academia, the public sector and business to discuss and debate in depth the latest trends in our industry’s increasingly complex structures for professional innovation support. 

The theme of IASP Nantes will be "The 4th Industrial Revolution:AOIs and STPs as key boosters for a successful transition". The 4th Industrial Revolution is defined by the convergence of digital technologies, biotechnologies, and the physics of the infinitely small. Sessions will focus on sharing good practices and debating the huge impact that this latest Industrial Revolution and its technologies is having on the science park industry and the ways in which they may have to change their facilities, structure and infrastructure to continue supporting their resident companies.

The Call for Contributions is now open: prospective paper authors are invited to submit an abstract by November 8th for their chance to speak to a truly global audience in Nantes.

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  1. Date
    24-27 September 2019
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  3. Venue
    La Cité Nantes Congress Centre
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