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America Flying To The Future
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Virtual chat on how different innovation ecosystems in America (North, Central and South) are dealing with the Covid-19 time, and what they are planning about the future of their startups in the postcovid era. 

Moderated by IASP past president Josep Piqué (LaSalle Technova Barcelona, Spain), a lot of IASP members from Latin America will participate to share their thougths: 

  • Fernando Amestoy (President of the IASP Latin American Division - Pando Technology Park, Uruguay), 
  • Rafael Prikladinicki (Tecnopuc, Brasil), 
  • Alejandro Carbonell (City of Knowledge, Panama), 
  • Jaime Parada (Institute of innovation and technology transfer of Nuevo León, Mexico), 
  • Paulina Villa (Ruta N, Colombia),
  • Mariona Ferrer (Québec EPIX cluster - Québec International)
  • Iván Diamint (Innovation Park, Argentina) 

This event is part of the #TDD4Future, a space to debate content of interest to the Entrepreneurial and Innovative Ecosystem on different digital platforms and formats such as webinars, thematic capsules, pitch, round tables with investors and companies, networkings and music.

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    16 July 2020
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    La Salle Technova Barcelona
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