Business Incubator Novi Sad joins IASP

27 January 2020
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A startup event at Business Incubator Novi Sad

IASP is delighted to announce that Business Incubator Novi Sad, Serbia, has recently become a member of our global network!

With a mission to help ideas become successful business ventures, the Business Incubator Novi Sad assists young companies as they find their way to the market. Their focus is on supporting knowledge-based projects and emerging technologies with the potential for high scalability, focusing on teams in the IT and creative industries.

Mentors and consultants guide entrepreneurs through the process of defining their business concept, from defining markets and product attributes to creating a business exit strategy, offering advice and assistance on the path to becoming a successful business. The incubator also offers training and workshops, bookkeeping and legal advisory services, support accessing funding, networking, connecting with university researchers, connecting with potential strategic partners and finding new employees.

The incubator’s 18 offices range from 12 to 26 m2 and are available on a plug & play basis, with a co working space for the pre-incubation stage. The conference rooms and services are available not only to resident companies, but to any startup or entrepreneur who wants to make use of a modern space and equipment to give a professional presentation to potential clients and business partners.

The Business Incubator Novi Sad is active in several European projects related to entrepreneurship and international collaboration, and we are pleased to welcome them as new members of IASP.

To find out more, please visit http://inkubator.biz/.

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