Innovation is the key to fight coronavirus at SRTI Park

22 April 2020
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An Immensa staff member wearing one of their 3D printed face masks

Innovation, more than ever, plays a key role in combating the global coronavirus pandemic, says Hussain Mohammed Al Mahmoudi, CEO of Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park) in the United Arab Emirates.

“The strategy adopted at SRTI Park has encouraged many companies at various local, regional and international levels to enter into partnerships with the complex. In such difficult crises, the true value of such strategies and visions appears,” he said.

One SRTI Park company, Immensa Technology Labs, has successfully pivoted its 3D printing services to support doctors, nurses and first responders by increasing production of 3D-printed face masks, including manufacturing face shields that provide a wider 180-degree protection of the face against coronavirus (COVID-19). Every week their Sharjah facility now produces 25,000 3D-printed face shields that repel viruses.

The engineering usually focuses on spare parts for the oil and gas industry and 3D printing components, but are currently developing and 3D printing connectors for ventilators and other items facing shortages, as well as spare parts for non medical machinery that are hard to source due to disruption in the supply chain.

“Since February, Immensa has collaborated with various organizations in Europe to produce very effective PPEs (personal protective equipment) that is in short supply globally. One partciluar effective PPE is 3D-printed face shield, connected to a headband. The face shield or visor is made from a special polymer that repels viruses and bacteria,” said Fahmi Al-Shawwa, CEO and founder at Immensa.

SRTI Park has already announced the development of innovative and sustainable methods of agricultural production ensure food self-reliance in the midst of the global health crisis: a team of botanists, agriculturists and engineers from Merlin International created a 150-square internal farm that can produce one ton of organic fruits and vegetables monthly, an ideal way to produce sustainable food in the time of coronavirus.

“Through these innovative projects, we aspire to promote the emirate of Sharjah as the capital of innovation at the global level," underlined Al Mahmoudi. “The possibilities are endless, and we look invite more local, regional and international companies to come to SRTI Park and share key technologies that can be further enhanced to meet global needs and help address present and future challenges, particularly in renewable energy, infrastructure, education, healthcare, and food and water resources,” he underlined.

To learn more about SRTI Park, please visit https://srtip.ae/.

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