Palestinian innovation on the world stage

24 April 2018
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The team from the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence

Palestinian creators, innovators and inventors supported by IASP member The Palestinian Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence have won a number of international awards for their innovations, research and scientific projects.

At the 21st Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon, Dr. Anan Cobty of NIMD won the Gold Award Medal for his device that treats cancer by microwave radiation without the need for surgical intervention. NIMD was up against over 100 companies from 26 different countries, and the award brings international recognition for a device that is effective against various types of early stage cancers.

Six Palestinian companies also participated in the I-FEST, the International Festival of Engineering Science and Technology in Tunisia, attended by over 500 students from 23 countries. They were all medal winners: three bronze, two silver, and one gold for Mofid Alawneh’s agricultural project.

The 17th Malaysia Technology Expo saw a Palestinian presence too, with Tasnim Al-Ashhab presenting a project on using industrial waste to improve the characteristics of artificial stone.  

Congratulations to all these innovators, and we hope to hear more from them in the future!

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