Sixth construction phase for Lakeside STP

12 December 2018
First image:
The skeleton of the new building

Less than six months after the groundbreaking ceremony for the fifth construction phase at Lakeside Science and Technology Park, the IASP member from Austria has announced the development of another new building phase.

High occupancy rate and international interest from ICT companies has accelerated the pace of expansion at Lakeside, with a total investment of €13 million set aside to create 4,600 m² of space. At the end of November 2018, work was completed on the thirteenth building’s skeleton, with new workspaces for research and development in the fields of human/robotic interaction and drone research scheduled to be ready by autumn 2019.

But that is not the end of Lakeside’s growth plans, with a sixth construction phase due to be launched in spring 2019. Hans Schoenegger, founder and general manager of the STP, emphasizes the current occupancy rate of almost 100% and international interest from the ICT sector.

“The park already consists of 1300 people, 70 companies and three research institutes, as well as a startup centre and a laboratory for education in STEM fields and entrepreneurship. We develop constantly and gather more and more enterprise partners at our innovation centre. Therefore we invest another €17 million for an additional 4,000 m² and a multi-storey garage with 500 parking spaces.”

National and regional and city government have all supported this growth and praised the rapid development of this regional development lighthouse project, which also house the Educational Lab, one of our Inspiring Solutions winners in 2018.

Find out more at www.lakeside-scitec.com

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