Voyager Space visits IASP

10 March 2022
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Ebba Lund with Jeffrey Manber at IASP HQ

IASP was pleased to welcome Jeffrey Manber, President of International and Space Stations at Voyager Space (USA), at our Headquarters in Malaga, Spain on March 4th.

Voyager Space is one of the leading partners working on Starlab and the George Washington Carver Science Park (GWC Science Park), a new commercial space station and the first IASP member in space. IASP is also part of the team behind the project, providing insights and strategic advice on the development of the science park, and supporting outreach efforts in bringing microgravity opportunities to other IASP members.

During his visit to IASP, Jeffrey Manber met with IASP CEO Ebba Lund to learn more about the strategy, model and day-to-day workings of STPs/AOIs and the companies and researchers based in them. The visit also included a meeting with Lourdes Cruz from Malaga TechPark, as well as representatives of two innovative companies based in the park: Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, CEO and Co‐Founder of AERTEC Solutions as well as Vicente Díaz and Miguel A Vazquez, Managing Directors and Co-Founders of DHV Technology.

AERTEC is a local-born aerospace technology company that has grown to success at Malaga TechPark. With 24 years of experience, it is active internationally in the aerospace industry, defence and airports sectors, where it designs on-board systems for aircraft, unmanned aerial platforms, and guidance solutions for both civil and military environments. Also in the space sector, DHV Technology manufactures solar panels for space, aeronautical, nautical and automotive applications, and provide consulting services for materials, product development and R&D project management.

The GWC Science Park provides space-based infrastructure on the International Space Station today and intends to support future space stations, as well as ground-based facilities, for use by members’ resident companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and universities. Nanoracks, a Voyager Space company, in cooperation with Lockheed Martin, was recently awarded a $160 million contract by NASA to design its Starlab commercial space station as part of the agency’s commercial Low-Earth Orbit Development program. Starlab will help enable NASA’s initiative to stimulate the commercial space economy and provide science and crew capabilities on privately owned space stations prior to the retirement of the International Space Station.

Voyager Space and Nanoracks will be with us at IASP Seville from 27-30 September - join us there to meet them, learn more about their project and upcoming opportunities for working in space!

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