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34th IASP World Conference on Science Parks & Areas of Innovation

How Science Parks Build New Carriers of Innovation By Virtue of Innovation Ecosystems

2016_08_01_IASP 2017 conference poster
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Conference Paper
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  1. Authors
    Herbert Chen
  2. Publisher
  3. Publication date
    September 2017
  4. Place of publication
    Istanbul, Turkey
  5. Number of pages
Innovation is deemed as a key factor to enhance competitive strength in a continuously changing environment, and innovation‐driven development has become a strategic choice ofthe majority of countries. Innovation elements, services, and industries are concentrated invarious entities of innovation, and have transitioned into becoming centers leading globalinnovation and engines driving regional and urban development. The world today has now entered the era of the knowledge economy and innovative globalization, driven by scientific and technological advancement, international competition and philosophies of development.These have a profound influence on theoretical study on innovation, leading to an exploration of innovation ideas, evolvement of innovation carriers, and so on. At the same time, innovative  activities are characterized by diversified subjects, a variety of forms, intersecting fields and integrated methods, ultimately leading to new understanding and requirements on innovation carriers and environments. Relevant studies have indicated that innovation ecosystems havebecome a new perspective for studies on innovation theories and ideas as well asreconsideration of innovation carriers and environment, and building a strong innovation ecosystem have become core factors toward building innovation spaces and implementing innovation‐driven development strategies. Science parks are an important form of innovationcarriers, and their development methods and characteristics are consistent with the traits ofan innovation ecosystem. Science parks have been used by many countries and regions as astrategic measure for future development of hi‐tech industries and enhancement of innovative capabilities. To face up to the new trends and challenges, science parks should consider how tobecome a new space and entities of innovation. Based on innovation theories and evolution of innovation ideas, the connotations of innovation ecosystem are reviewed, the relationships among innovation ecosystem, entities and science park are explained, and the model and experience of the innovation ecosystem in science parks formed during building and operation by Tus Holdings are taken as an example to discover how science parks become new innovation carriers by way of innovative ecosystems
  1. Conference name
    34th IASP World Conference on Science Parks & Areas of Innovation
  2. Conference theme
    Science Parks and Natural Innovation ecosystems: articulating future strategies
  3. Location
    Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Conference start date
    26 September 2017
  5. Conference end date
    29 September 2017

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