Khuzestan Science and Technology Park

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Khuzestan Science and Technology Park (KHSTP) is based across 5 different sites in Iran’s oil-producing Khuzestan province: Dezful, Khoram Sahahr, Behbahan, and two in Ahvaz.

KHSTP is specialized in the oil, gas and petrochemical, renewable energy, information technology, agriculture and Marine science and technology sectors. Designated a state-level economic and technological development zone and Hi-Tech development zone designed to attract foreign investment, introduce overseas advanced technology, and develop new technologies, KHSTP enjoys preferential policies for both economic and technological development.

Park services include three incubators: one dedicated to upstream and downstream of the oil and gas industries in Ahvaz, to marine science and technology in Arvand free zone, and to agriculture in Dezful, capitalising on Khuzestan’s agricultural industry.

KHSTP also offers training, consultancy and marketing services, technical support and financial aid, as well as intellectual property management and tech transfer, helping interested companies to find a suitable research partner within academia. The park also organises regular festivals to encourage students to pursue careers in STEM and entrepreneurship, and to help new entrepreneurs to validate their products and business plans and begin to commercialise their ideas.

KHSTP’s long term goal is to serve as a catalyst to transform Khuzestan from a scientific research hub to an economic engine for emerging technologies, and is working to develop the province from oil-based development to a knowledge economy. 

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    Khuzestan Science and Technology Park
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    Ahvaz, Iran
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    Chemistry and Chemicals
    ICT & Communications
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    Science Park
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