Parque Tecnológico en Agroindustria

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Background information

The Agroindustry Technology Park (PTA) was officially inaugurated on 11th April 2013. Its mission is to create technology and knowledge transfer centres in order to encourage the creation of high value-add agricultural products in El Salvador, to simplify and encourage registration of patents and intellectual property rights, and to create strategic alliances around innovation. The agricultural products include cereals, fruit and vegetables, aquaculture, fertilisers and pesticides, and more.

The technology park offers a range of services to its tenants. Since most companies are in the agroindustry sectors, the park has specialised laboratories for development of food products to satisfy the needs of customers, carry out product verification tests and analysis. Companies can also access additional training and workshops to improve their knowledge and skills, receive consultancy services in the areas of brand development, advertising and marketing, legal advice and business strategy.

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  1. Name
    Parque Tecnológico en Agroindustria
  2. Location
    La Libertad, El Salvador
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  2. Main technology sectors
    Other Food Science and Technologies
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    Science Park
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