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CELD Innovation Center is the China Fortune Land Development Co.,Ltd.(CFLD) in Beijing to build the first industry benchmarking project. The project is located in the zhongguancun fengtai science park east three periods of core position, the distance from the subway, 9 fengtai science park station 200 meters. The total construction area of 216000 square meters, including grade a office space, the five-star hotel, industry exhibition, international road center, characteristic business street, etc. Featuring "Artificial Intelligence +", the park focuses on introducing high-tech enterprises in the fields of "AI + rail transit, civil-military integration, energy conservation and environmental protection, emergency rescue", and strives to build a world-class "China AI + industrial community".

Up to now, there have been more than 140 registered enterprises, including 4 top-500 first-level subsidiaries, 3 listed/listed enterprises, and 32 high-tech enterprises. More than 90% of them are related to artificial intelligence, and employ approximately 3,000 people.

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    CFLD Innovation Center
  2. Location
    Beijing, China
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  2. Main technology sectors
    Artificial Intelligence Softwares
    Energy Saving and Conservation
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    Science Park
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