Guangzhou KINGFA Technology Incubator

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Background information

Kingfa Innovation Community is an incubator which combines research, office and living spaces, as well as incubation solutions for startups. With 6 sites and more in planning, the incubator has opened a communication channel between them to share market, technology, and operational resources, giving local startups the resources necessary to successfully enter their target market and industry.

By cooperating with third-party companies and platforms, the Kingfa Innovation Community provides their startups with core services including market expansion, R&D facilities, mentoring, financial support, and project management. Their main goal is to achieve cooperation between companies in the community, enhancing the quality of local R&D as well as the region’s economic and innovation development.

  1. Name
    Guangzhou KINGFA Technology Incubator
  2. Location
    Guangzhou City, China
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    Business Incubator
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