NOI Techpark Südtirol/Alto Adige

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NOI Techpark - acronym for Nature of Innovation - is a science and technology park located in Bolzano, Italy. It aims to unite start-ups, researchers, entrepreneurs and students. It networks their knowledge and technology, to create interfaces where innovation can thrive. NOI drives new things; it promotes the economic development of South Tyrol and competitiveness of companies and organisations based in Bolzano and the whole region. NOI Techpark is a highly attractive environment for young talent and experts; it is a central hub for South Tyrol and beyond. NOI currently houses over 60 companies as residents, 30 startups and over 1200 people. The innovation district concentrates their research into four key areas: Green Technologies, Food and Health Technologies, Digital as well as Automotive and Automation Technologies. NOI Techpark also accommodates one of the most modern and sustainable Start-up Incubators in Italy. In total the area comprises a space of over 12 hectares.

  1. Name
    NOI Techpark Südtirol/Alto Adige
  2. Location
    Bozen, Italy
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  2. Main technology sectors
    Agriculture and Forestry
    Food Sciences
    Renewable Energies
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    Science Park
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