Jeju Science Park (Jeju Free International City Development Center)

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Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC) is a corporation based in Jeju, South Korea. Jeju Free International City Development Center was established in order to organise the public relations and business feasibility of a number of projects relating to the development of the Jeju Free International City. The organisation is affiliated and collaborates with the Ministry of Construction and Transportation of South Korea as a part of the government-sponsored project. Currently, the organisation is organising business partnerships related to Jeju Free International City development promotion projects including attraction of domestic and foreign investment for business promotion core projects, public relations and marketing activities for investment attraction, and operation of duty-free shopping center.

It is headquartered at Jeju Science Park, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. JDC is also developing a Jeju science park that will combine education, research and business incubation support functions for knowledge-based industries such as information communication and bioengineering. The proposed science park has a size of over 1,000,000 m2 and will provide space for IT-and BT-related high-tech manufacturing and research centers, natural science research and development and IT industry based firms.

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    Jeju Science Park (Jeju Free International City Development Center)
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    Jeju City, South Korea
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    Computer Science and Hardwares
    Health & Pharmaceuticals
    ICT & Communications
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    Science Park
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