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Sherbrooke Innopole is the Ville de Sherbrooke’s economic development organization for the industrial and high-value-added services sector.

It specialises in five key sectors: Advanced Manufacturing, Cleantech, Life Sciences, Information Technologies and Micro-Nanotechnologies, and is home to close to 650 companies employing over 5,700 people, as well as globally recognised research institutes. Sherbrook Innopole comprises 2 science parks, 5 industrial parks and a technological park, bringing together private and public research centres, high R&D content businesses, and university faculties, all served by high performance transportation links.

Services for resident companies and entrepreneurs include the Espace LABz multi-tenant science centre with private and shared labs, and the Espace-inc accelerator and entrepreneurial work space complete with coaches, ambassadors, and private partners to help startups to scale up. The Espace TI offers a coworking space for young, innovative IT-based businesses, with a focus on artificial intelligence, blockchain, and quantum computing. As well as an established mentorship programme for local entrepreneurs, Sherbrooke Innopole also provides business coaching, IP support, soft landing services, export assistance and sector-specific expertise

A leader in non-traditional funding, Sherbrooke Innopole has five investment funds providing a continuum of capital to innovative businesses, from seed funding to growth capital. It also offers strategic guidance and one-stop-shop access to a range of funding sources: investment funds, institutional loans, government programs, angel investors, and venture capital, and works in conjunction with Anges Québec, Québec’s largest angel investor network.

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    Sherbrooke Innopole
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    Sherbrooke, Canada
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    Land Transportation
    Mechanics, Subassemblies, Components
    Micromachines and Nanotechnology
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    Science Park
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