Tuspark (Ningbo)

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Background information

Launched in 2020, Tuspark (Ningbo) Development is based on the industrial strength of Ningbo and Zhenhai, and the construction of Ningbo's "246 billion" industrial cluster.

The park focuses on strategic emerging industries such as digital economy, intelligent manufacturing and new materials. With the construction of three platforms of innovation achievement transformation, high-end talent gathering and scientific and technological financial investment as the starting point, its goal is to become a regional engine of strategic emerging industry. Tuspark (Ningbo) Development works together with the municipal and district governments to help build the core area, pilot area and starting area of Ningbo Yongjiang Science and Technology Innovation Corridor.

The park has reached strategic cooperation with Ningbo University, one of the first batch of national "double first-class" construction universities. The two sides have jointly built the Inspiration Entrepreneurship College of Ningbo University and the Inspiration Entrepreneurship Base of Ningbo University. They have integrated the resources of both sides, cooperate closely on innovation and entrepreneurship, incubation, and promotion of scientific and technological achievements.

The Park and Wuhan University of Technology also jointly built the "Ningbo Enlightenment Entrepreneurship Base of Wuhan University of Technology".

The park continues to cooperate with Zhejiang Wanli University, Zhejiang Textile and Garment Vocational and Technical College and other surrounding universities and research institutes in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, innovation and entrepreneurship, and built a supporting platform for the overall improvement of scientific and technological innovation technology.

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    Tuspark (Ningbo)
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    Ningbo, China
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    Internet Technologies and Services
    Services for Business and Industry
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    Science Park
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