tecnoPARQ accredited as ENRICH in Brazil Soft Landing Hub

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Adriana Ferreira De Faria
Diretoria Executiva - tecnoPARQ (Technology Park of Viçosa)
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Adriana Ferreira De Faria
Diretoria Executiva - tecnoPARQ (Technology Park of Viçosa)
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TecnoPARQ is a new ENRICH in Brazil soft landing hub
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The accreditation of tecnoPARQ (Technology Park of Viçosa), campus park of Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) as an ENRICH Soft Landing Hub is the recognition by a renowned institution, linked to the European Union, that the Park is seriously committed and is able to provide support and quality services to researchers, startups and small companies that wish to enter in the Brazilian market.

The approval for accreditation by ENRICH recognizes tecnoPARQ as an institution providing specialized soft-landing services for companies that wish to enter or test the Brazilian market, strengthening Brazil-Europe cooperation in the areas of research, innovation and business, through exchange of innovative practices.

Thus, tecnoPARQ will be able to expand its possibilities of attracting new European companies, which are interested in doing business or settling in the country, as the Park gains greater visibility in the European market and can thus establish several international partnerships.

The ENRICH (European Network of Research and Innovation Centers and Hub) in Brazil encourages and facilitates cooperation in research, technology and entrepreneurship, supporting and strengthening agents in the innovation value chain. ENRICH in Brazil is part of the Brazil-Europe Center for Cooperation in Innovation and Business (CEBRABIC) project, funded by the European Union through the “Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Program”. ENRICH offers services to connect European organizations with Brazil, China and the USA.

In addition to Brazil, ENRICH also supports other centers and hubs in the USA and China.

While ENRICH in Brazil Soft Landing Hub, tecnoPARQ will offer networking with researchers from UFV and other ICTs, support for installation on tecnoPARQ, guidelines for accessing visas, connection with investors and large companies and all other services of its Program Incubation and Residence.

To find out more about tecnoPARQ Soft Landing program, please visit: http://www.centev.ufv.br/pt-BR/servico/programa-de-internacionalizacao2

About tecnoPARQ, please visit: http://www.centev.ufv.br/tecnoparq/pt-BR/

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